Whether you enjoy bow-hunting or target shooting, you might wonder which is better: back quiver vs. hip quiver. You may also want to know the advantages of each kind of quiver.

This guide compares back and hip quivers, their pros and cons, and features to help you reach your arrows more conveniently and shoot faster.

Here's the deal:

Back Quiver vs. Hip Quivers: What's The Difference? 

Back and hip quivers come in many styles and designs. However, the main difference is that one hangs over your hip while the other hangs across your back.

Let’s look at each quiver to determine which is best for you.

Back Quivers:

Hollywood movies come to mind when you see back quivers. They're popularized in movies as they were the preferred quivers for traditional archers.

Remember Tomb Raider?

Tomb Raider

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Back Quivers sling diagonally across your back so the arrows are positioned just above your shoulder.

How To Wear A Back Quiver?

  • Holding the back quiver with the dominant hand
  • Push your bow arm through the strap
  • Move it over your head
  • Then drop the quiver on your back.
  • Adjust the straps to make sure it’s comfortable.

And How To Use Them?

To use the quiver in the field, just reach around your shoulder, pull an arrow, then shoot.

But Are Back Quivers Practical?

Even though they are versatile, accommodating left- and right-handed archers, some archers claim they were only practical in medieval wars.

However, other 3-D archers prefer back quivers since they don't get in their way while they walk in the fields.

What's their main advantage?

Most people use back quivers to express their personalities. They're also adjustable and comfortable; you rarely notice when you're wearing them.

Our recommendation:

We recommend buying the KESHES Archery Back Arrow Quiver Holder or the TOPARCHERY Traditional Shoulder Leather BackQuiver.

KESHES Archery Back Arrow Quiver Holder - Adjustable Quivers for Arrows, for Bow Hunting and Target Practicing; Youth and Adults

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  • They're adjustable and comfortable
  • They're convenient for carrying dozens of arrows
  • They're versatile, accommodating left and right handed archers
  • Kids love them since they express their style and personality


  • You can't bend your knees to pick up something; otherwise, you might dump your arrows accidentally.
  • You can't count the number of arrows you have
  • The flow of motion can get tiring
  • They might make some noise while stalking thru dense woods

Hip quivers:

There are two types of hip quivers: target and field quivers.

1. Target Quivers:

target quiver

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Target archers often go for target hip quivers as they lean forward, making it easier to see and sort through arrows.

You wear it on a belt, place it on your hip, and place arrows inside.

Why is it special?

Typically, hip quivers have multiple compartments to help you separate your arrows according to your liking.

You can pull out the arrows fast and start to shoot.

Check out our top recommendations: Kratarc 3-Tubes Hip Quiver and Legend First Archery Quiver for Arrows.

What's their main advantage?

All your arrows are in front of you, so you can easily see how many arrows you have remaining on your quiver and choose the best one for your task.


  • It's easy to see and count your arrows
  • Arrows are easy to reach and less tiring to pull out
  • You can sort your arrows according to your order
  • You can see a broken novel or shaft before you pull it out


  • It can be a little clumsy to carry around
  • They often flap around with your legs
  • In hunting situation, they might occasionally catch some branches while walking thru the stick woods

2. Field quivers:

Field quivers

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Field quivers are great for field courses and 3-D ranges. It's a target quiver that leans the fletching forward and arrows backward, keeping the points down.

Using a field quiver can be counterintuitive if you're used to targeting quivers.

How to use it?

You pull it out by extracting it from the waist, lift your elbow, and then knock the arrow.

Check out LEGEND XT420 and Sportsman's Outdoor Products Tarantula T 100 Field Quiver.

What's their main advantage?

Field quivers don't hit branches and other archers in the back position.


  • You have freedom of movement in front of you
  • They're less clumsy to carry
  • They're great for hunting and target practice


  • It may take some time to master
  • You can't see your arrows before you pick one.


Back Quiver

Field Quiver

Target Quiver






You can move freely

Less clumsy

You bump into things

Ease of Use




Learning Curve





No compartments

No compartments

Multiple compartments

So, Which is Better?

The best quiver for you will depend on your needs and skills.

If you're hunting for prey in the woods, bow-mounted quivers and back quivers might be more convenient.

Hip quivers are best for target practice, field archery, and 3-D ranges.

You can easily reach your arrows; since you rarely move, they're less likely to cause discomfort or wear.

What do think about our "back quiver vs. hip quiver", rate us below.

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