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The Difference between Traditional and Modern Archery

Archery has been both used in the past and in recent times. There are reasons why it still thrives today. In the past, archery is considered to be an essential skill learned by individuals for purposes like military and hunting. Today, it evolves into something else. Before the time of firearms, archery was one of […]

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Different Types of Arrowheads

In archery, there are many different types of arrowheads that an archer can use depending on the purposes.Even though there are so many different kinds out there, there are typically only 5 main types.These are the triangle shaped ones, the square ones, the round ones, the long ones, and the spear shaped arrowheads.Each of these […]

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Different Types of Bows

Bows began from a simple stick wrapped with a long string on both of its ends, and was widely used as a hunting and fighting weapon. This has evolved over the years as technology improves, and with new features added to it in order to provide better performance for its user. From the simple wooden […]

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Why Bow and Arrow are Essential for Survival

Thousands of years back, to the days of kings and queens and the age of knights and ladies, bows and arrows were the weapons. It is one of the best projectile weaponry they could create that could take down enemies far away from where they were with surprising accuracy and lethal consequences. The bow and arrow goes down deeper than […]

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Tips in Speeding up Bow Response

Missing a shot because of miscalculations of the yardage makes you appreciate the importance of the speed of your arrow.  Speed is essential in bowhunting. The faster you get, the more chances you will have to hit your target a few more yards away. Show some guys your bow and the first thing they’re going to ask […]

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