What are the Advantages/Disadvantages Of Hunting From An Elevated Stand?

What are the Advantages/Disadvantages Of Hunting From An Elevated Stand?

Elevated stands are mostly pieces of wood that you can install/ attach to a tree, or you may also find already structured elevated stands that aren't connected to trees.

These stands help in giving you a higher position and come with several benefits.

Let's find out advantages/ disadvantages of hunting from an elevated stand:



clear vision from elevated stand

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This is hands down the most important factor of the hunting game.

If you have a clear view of the setting, your chances of staying out of harm's way and hitting your prey increase gradually.

Having a proper and clear vision is crucial during hunting.

For instance, when you are hunting a deer, it is possible to miss the target as they are really quick with their feet and senses.

To get that clear shot in one go, you need that clear vision, and the elevated stand allows you to do that.

Here is when an elevated stand comes in handy.

While sitting on the top of the ground level, you will cover a good range of the field and will also have a clearer vision.


more time to draw

Again if your target is quick, you're going to need to time your shots more precisely.

While being on top, your prey might not know that it is in your range.

Due to this, you will have the advantage of patiently waiting while they come into the right range.

Since your target doesn't know you're drawing a bow from a higher distance, you have time to take your shot.

Hence, you can aim precisely and hit the target exactly where it is needed.

So, you will not require extra arrows, and get the job done in one shot.


omni veil camo

The art of being hidden during a hunting expedition is quite difficult and requires skill.

Many targets flee the field upon sensing any danger.

Thus, being out of sight can play a vital role as the target won't know it's in danger.

Your targets are not going to know you've decided to stay above the ground this time.

It will help trap the target, and the prey may come walking right into your shooting range.

This sense of invisibility makes hunting a much calmer activity and develops a better shooting from long-distance capability.

Hard To Detect Sense

hard to detect scent

The factor that makes it difficult for hunters to shoot down their targets is because they can sense your presence.

They are quick when it comes to detecting a potential threat.

Thus, being on a higher level above the ground, your target won't be able to detect your presence.


safety harness

Missing the shot is part of the hunting excursions unless you are a pro or seasoned hunter.

You may miss fire while hunting and end up shooting someone from your side.

Sometimes there's a possibility that you come in the line of fire, which can put your life at risk.

Thus, being on an elevated level is surely important for your personal safety as well.

If you're hunting with your buddies, being on an elevated stand allows you to avoid being seen or coming in the line of fire, thus reducing the risk of getting hit by a stray bullet.


Being at an elevated position while hunting offers many advantages; however, there are some disadvantages as well that you must know, including:

Not Portable

not portable

This one is an obvious disadvantage. You can't simply carry an elevated stand with you because it is not portable.

There are, however, some hang on stands you could use.

But again, there is always a hassle of installing them and making sure they fit in one place.

Otherwise, you'd risk yourself from falling down while climbing.

Not Protective

not protective

The elevated stand is open from all sides.

You get up there and get in position, wait for your prey to come forward, shoot it down and leave. However, it's never that quick and easy.

You may go hunting from dawn to dusk, and if the weather is not friendly that day, you're in trouble.

The higher you are, the weather is going to affect you even more.

If it's cold or hot, you don't have anything to stop the wind.

Not Mobile

not mobile

If you have ever used one, you should know how small elevated stands are.

You don't have much space up there, and you get mostly stuck in one position.

Yes, changing angles is possible, but we're talking about the movement.

Since there is no extra room up there, you might not even have enough space to place other hunting gears.



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What if you stand up too quickly and lose balance while up there?

The sad truth is you're definitely going to fall straight down to the ground.

There's not much you can do about this because these elevated stands are open from all sides and don't have any barrier.

This is because while hunting, you need all the angles, you cannot just stay put in one position throughout your hunting session.


As you can see, there are a few advantages and disadvantages of hunting from an elevated stand.

However, the decision is yours to make, and if you find being on the ground while hunting more comfortable, go ahead, own it.

If you ever plan on using elevated stands, make sure to go through the instructions over here for your own safety.

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